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Bridge over Waterfall
Vision -  To help our Clients Soar.
Mission -  Provide our Clients guidance and insight, assisting them in optimizing their aviation asset value and operational effectiveness.
Guiding Principles -
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Valued Relationships
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation
  • Exceptional Service
  • Personal Conviction
  • Earned Trust
Sustainability - 
At Harbor Six, we recognize the importance of incorporating environmental stewardship in the conduct of business.  We are committed to understanding the impact our organization has on the environment and working to continually improve our environmental performance.
We are committed to the journey, and while we are a small business, we can make a difference through our sustainable work policies, including:
  1. Being intentional about Sustainability.  It is a priority within our organization.
  2. Active recycling program established.
  3. Chemical Management – Use of green products when possible.
  4. Purchase energy efficient products.
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