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Aviation Dashboards

You likely already provide data or reports to both your aviation department staff as well as the owner or accountable executive, but if you're like most flight departments the information or presentation is underwhelming. Harbor Six Advisors will work with you to align on metrics most relevant to your organization.  We'll parse your mountains of data to produce customized dashboards of key performance indicators designed to provide insight and clarity to flight department personnel and aircraft owner or accountable executive.  See the example here.

Fuel Dashboards

Similar to the Aviation Dashboard, but only focused on fuel.  Most aircraft operators are not paying retail price at the FBO, but that does not necessarily mean you have an effective fuel purchasing program.  Our dashboard provides location and/or regional per gallon pricing overlayed with your actual price paid.  We provide visual clarity as well quantitative and qualitative data.  Additionally, we can include commodity price data comparing per barrel jet fuel price to your price at the FBO.  When refinery prices rise, FBOs are very quick to raise their fuel price, but they are slow to lower them when refinery prices fall.  Our dashboard helps you understand the effectiveness of your fuel purchasing program and gives an indication of potential FBO margin changes. Example coming soon.


Operational Assessment

  • Is your aircraft operated to best industry practices?  

  • Is your safety management system effective, or do you even have one?  

  • Do you have defined operating standards?  

  • Are all of your crewmembers trained to the company standards?  

  • And, most importantly, are the expectations of the C-Suite aligned with the operating standards of the flight department?

Harbor Six Advisors will do an in-depth review of the current state of the operation and compare to best industry practices.  We’ll interview your flight department staff to get their insight and a complete 360-degree view.  Harbor Six takes a collaborative approach when working with your team.  We’re partners in this.  We review our findings with the team so there are no surprises when we deliver our final report.  We present you with our unbiased analysis and recommendations.  And we work with your team to define a path ensuring their operational standards meet your expectations.

Fuel Purchasing Strategy

Fuel is one of the largest operational expenses of an aircraft operator, yet one you can influence with a smart purchasing strategy.  Fuel purchasing does not need to be a complex and time consuming process.  You can have an effective strategy producing meaningful results.  Harbor Six will work with your team on development and implementation, or we can manage it all on your behalf.

Industry Benchmarking

With a strong network of business aircraft operators, we can help establish a baseline of how your operation compares to the broader industry, and even more importantly, how you compare to your peer group operators. Benchmarking can be especially important in providing operational confidence to the accountable executive.

Financial Review

Financial fitness in any business requires a strong financial acumen.  Too often in business and general aviation, we find managers with excellent technical and managerial skills, but lacking in financial expertise.  

Harbor Six Advisors will do an in-depth analysis of your operation.  We’ll identify areas you are doing well and areas of potential improvement.  Our broad experience allows us to compare your operations to others similar to you, and to the industry. 


Sustainable Aviation Fuel

A focus on sustainability has come to the forefront of board rooms globally.  Almost every major corporation has a sustainability policy, and sustainability awareness is common in small to mid-size companies.  Even individuals are measuring their carbon footprint.  

“Flight shaming” has become common place in Europe for even those traveling on commercial aircraft, so many business aircraft operators are developing plans to operate carbon neutral.  With some analysis and planning, it is possible to operate your aircraft carbon neutral.  Harbor Six can help you understand the benefits of available options.

  1. Sustainable Alternative Fuels (SAF)

  2. Book and Claim

  3. Carbon Offsets

Fleet Planning

Businesses typically have a 10-year plan that is regularly updated with the changing needs of the business and market conditions.  Similarly, the aircraft you operate today may not meet your future mission profiles.  Planning for future changes to your aircraft fleet may have significant operational and financial implications.  Advance planning gives you insight to make the most informed decisions.

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